The Best Authentic Japanese Cuisine in Fayetteville!

Sushi Court




Mr. & Mrs. Song


Mr. and Mrs. Song are owners of our restaurant. First of all, they are humble followers of Christ, down to earth, loving and caring people. They are also proud parents of an active U.S Army Soldier. 

Together, they have 34 years of experiences in Japanese restaurant business and their sole mission is to provide you the most delicious and best authentic Japanese cuisine experience. If you see them, say hello to them and let them know about your experience. They would love to meet and hear the feedbacks from you to serve you better.

Mr. Yi

Master Sushi & Hibachi Chef

Mr.Yi is our master sushi and hibachi chef. Having him as a head chef of our restaurant is true blessing. He has over 30 years of experience as a sushi chef. With his amazing knowledge and skills, we are proudly serving you the best sushi in town. He is also a proud parent of an active U.S Navy sailor and a U.S Army national guardsman.